Corporate Golf

Golf has always been considered the “corporate sport” by excellence.

CEOs and top executives play golf and many important deals have been signed during an “18 holes meeting”.

Today, Golf has become a very important professional and public relation tool.

More and more companies have started using the game to positively affect their business. Golf has become not only a corporate tool but very powerful one.

Golf adds value to companies that wish to:

  • Promote their brand
  • Launch new product and services
  • Strengthen relationship with existing customers
  • Reward and motivate employees
  • Participate to Conferences and Seminars
  • Enter the Dominican market

Golf DR serves both local and foreign corporations by offering a complete, custom designed plan corporate trip:

  • Location selection
  • Accommodation and transportation
  • Corporate activities: conference, seminars, meetings and presentation, etc….
  • Golf activities: course, selection, tee time, tournament, etc…

Golf DR offers Public Relations services for customers that wish to enter the Dominican market.
All our Corporate Golf activities are custom-built according to specific needs of customers.